Карл Кори (karhu53) wrote,
Карл Кори

Ретро креатив, знаменитости и арт 18+

K.D. Lang & Cindy Crawford by Herb Ritts, Los Angeles, 1993


Harry Callahan, Chicago, 1958

Annelies Damen


Beatrice Appleyard by Emil Otto Hoppe, 1934

Blake Sinclair

Couple relaxing on bank of Seine near Notre Dame Cathedral during lunch hour by Alfred Eisenstaedt, Paris, 1963

Dead End I by Ilse Bing, Queensborough Bridge, 1936

Edward Henry Weston

Fu Yu

Helmut Newton, Vogue Studio, 1981

Jeanloup Sieff, 1989

Jem Cohen

Man Ray

Mari Sarai

Mario Algaze

Mario Giacomelli

Mark Cohen

Pat Cleveland by Alice Springs, Paris, 1970

Robert Frank, Ranch Market, Hollywood, 1955

Sergio Larrain, London, 1958

World Trade Center by Hiroshi Sugitomo, 1997

Ретро креатив, знаменитости и арт 18+

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