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Jesse Dayan

Оригинал взят у soyka62 в Jesse Dayan
            The Conversation. 50x61cm. Oil-on-Linen .2017
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            Working from his Melbourne studio Jesse Dayan’s practice is built upon a continued research and engagement with many traditions of oil painting and a keen interest in the narrative functioning of images. His recent body of work takes as a starting point the quiet domestic spaces of everyday life. These works begin with a process of drawing which allows for the transcendence of perspectival logic and a development of the poetic possibilities of space.Jesse has been a finalist in several national art awards including, The Arthur Guy Memorial Art Prize, The National Works on Paper Award; The Heysen and The Ron Eutick Still Life Awards. He has previously been shortlisted for the Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship and the Australia Council – Kunstlerhaus Bethanien Residency. In 2013 he was invited to contribute to the Chris Kraus Symposium : Aliens and Anorexia at the Royal College of Arts London.
            Untitled.5.Oil on Linen. 66x76cm. 2011
            The Temporary State of Self. Oil on Linen. 100x110cm-2010
            Woman and Mirror. 22x16. 2016
            Evening Fall. 66x76cm. Oil on Linen. 2017
            Blue Room. Oil on Board. 12x16. 2016
            Thinking of Bonnard. Oil on linen. 16x20. 2016
            Untitled. 1. Oil on Linen. 66x76cm. 2011

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