Карл Кори (karhu53) wrote,
Карл Кори

Воображение и наблюдение.

Воображение и наблюдение.

A Dancer of Ancient Egypt

George Owen Wynne Apperley

John Reinhard Weguelin: The Obsequies of an Egyptian Cat

John Collier - English artist , 1850 -1934 - Pharaoh's Handmaidens

Egypt , Old Cairo Paintings: Michael Zeno Diemer - German,1867–1939 - Flooded Egyptian temple 1910

Joseph Austin Benwell ,English artist, 1816–1886 A Caravan with the Pyramids and Sphinx Beyond

The Pyramids Road, Gizah, 1873 by Edward Lear, (1812-1888), English artist

Pyramids of Gizeh . Sunset Afterglow 1856 by Thomas Seddon , British painter, 1821 - 1856

Воображение и наблюдение.


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