Карл Кори (karhu53) wrote,
Карл Кори

Пересматриваю старые фильмы

Оригинал взят у dok_zlo в Пересматриваю старые фильмы

Вряд ли кто то не видел.. ну а вдруг?

— You set in my car, with your own package. Why didn't you take it?
— Well, you made a deal. What kind of guy would I be if I course you to violate your blood outh? And, besides, it's the fact that you lost all your money and you went to jail you left to girl ditched your car... All, to bring this to me? Makes it far more valuable. Now it has... stories to go with it. Don't you want to know what's inside?
— I did before, but doesn't really matter now 'cause, whatever it is... won't be as good as the stories.


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