Карл Кори (karhu53) wrote,
Карл Кори

Cressida Campbell (b. 1960)

[Spoiler (click to open)]Cressida Campbell (b. 1960)
  Untitled (Still Life Interior). oil on canvas. 35 x 45.5 cm
 Silver Perch 2007 Unique woodblock print, 47.5 x 58.5 cm
 Gordonia, watercolour paint on stonehenge paper, 51.5 x 61cm 2009
 Cactii 1984, Hand-coloured woodblock print, 59.5 x 56 cm
 Smoked Mackerel 1984, woodblock print edition 4/6
 Decorative Bookplate Prints.
 21cm x 25cm
 22cm x 24cm
  28cm x 19cm
 60cm x 50cm
 57cm x 53cm
(в основном, кликабельны)
и по тегу


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